As part of Network Rails Safer Isolations in and around Wessex, several alterations to track feeds were required to be undertaken to allow for safer isolations.  A number of the equipment locations required civil design and input at AIP and detailed designs stages.


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The Controlled Track Switches allow the disconnection of the DC power supply to the conductor rail to be undertaken remotely from the Electrical Control Room (ECR) removing the requirement for persons to manually operate a Hook Switch – Track Isolation Switch (TIS) at trackside. This makes isolation safer for all personnel.
The project identified locations within the Wessex area where new track feeding and equipment were required.

The particular site at Woking had several hazards and CDM issues. The topography for the CTS cabinets meant the equipment was on a steep embankment. For operational safety a staging was required for access in the cess of the No.2 Down Sidings at Woking.
AJMS implementation of Safety by design provided full mitigation.

As part of the initial review, it was identified that earthing and touch potential for the equipment to the traditional steel stagings would be an issue due to the several electrical restrictions in the DC area. Constructability on a steep embankment was also highlighted as a risk. Therefore, AJMS prepared to design and analysis for piled foundations installed from cess level and a polymer/GRP staging to negate any earthing/touch potential issue with the Equipment to the staging.

08/2018 - 10/2019

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