Experts in railway services

With over 50 years of combined experience in the railway industry, at AJMS Consultants, we are fully conversant with the requirements of the railway GRIP process, along with the necessary design assurance standards, and are well placed to assist clients to take projects from cradle to grave.

The projects we work on include but are not exclusive to the following:

Signalling Renewal Schemes

We are proficient in the design and delivery of signalling renewal schemes, a collaborative approach, working in conjunction with the signalling designers we adopt the necessary approach and understand the importance of maintaining flexibility to cope with often changing nature of the scheme development. Our team have demonstrable experience in the civil and structural design and detailing required to support lineside infrastructure such as signal support posts, foundations, signal gantries, under track crossings (UTXs) LOC platforms, REB compounds, PSP compounds, cable containment and cable management.

Power Supply Upgrades

The design of new and the renewal of existing electrical substations across the Network has been a regular design activity for the AJMS Consultants Engineers. Both AC and DC substations have been completed, comprising many individual elements including transformer bunds, rectifier plinths/housings and general compound layouts. The development of the site layouts is based on in house detailed topographical surveys.

‘Access for All’ Improvements

We have completed many DDA ‘Access For All’ (AFA) schemes over the years, including the provision of new compliant access ramps, footbridges and the installation of new passenger lifts. These schemes demand much more than just engineering based knowledge owing to the complex interfaces between rail and public which requires very careful planning and consideration which must start at the design stage to ensure success.

Train Maintenance Depots/Sidings

These schemes require careful project and design management to ensure the multi-disciplinary elements are successfully co-ordinated. OLE, Permanent Way, E&P, signaling, telecoms, buildings and civil designs are closely managed to ensure programme budgets are met. Recent projects have included the design of stabling sidings and associated driver’s maintenance walkways, CET walkways, cable containment, undertrack crossings and mainline OLE and signalling interfaces. AJMS Consultants are experienced in not only the civils design elements associated with the above but also taking the lead design role, bringing together and managing the disciplines on behalf of our clients if required.

AJMS Consultants are also experienced in CSM-RA and the implications of CSM on the projects and project management through all GRIP stages.

Platform Extensions

The engineers at AJMS Consultants have been responsible for the successful design and delivery of numerous platform extensions allowing for the provision of longer rolling stock to be used. These schemes include a detailed topographical survey of the existing infrastructure to allow the design of new platform extensions, lighting, cable containment, Permanent Way alterations, and gauging checks. The restricted space and operational railway provides challenges in planning and in providing the most efficient design be this the use of bespoke or modular arrangements.

Level Crossing Renewals

Our team have vast experience of working on level crossing projects. Whether it is a simple footpath crossing renewal or a crossing requiring the full development of an AIP ground plan, the requirements are within the capabilities of our team. The need to satisfy multiple GRIP Stages, mandatory standards across various disciplines and the unique challenges presented by the improvement of legacy crossing arrangements requires a special focus. The optimum solution is not always the most obvious solution.

Collaborative working

With respect to all civils design and support that we provide to our clients, our team have in depth knowledge and experience of delivering projects in a collaborative model environment. Our software and infrastructure support delivery of projects in a common data environment such as Projectwise. We are therefore able to deliver to the client’s collaboration specification right through a project, from surveys, documentation creation and review through to 3D model creation.

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