As part of the £1.5bn MML improvement programme, a section the line between north of Bedford to Kettering and Corby was electrified in November 2019. A numbers of existing signals along the route are however still classified as not “Electrification ready” and require further assessment or remedial works to be performed.

Project Scope and Delivery

Existing signals that are not “Electrification Ready” may cause a delay with entry into sevice as well as additional cost and potential programme impacts. Due to the introduction of additional OLE structures along the route, the affected signals structure will require electrical clearance assessment to ensure compliance to BS EN 50122 and also additional structural assessment should additional screening is required.

AJMS has significant experience in this field and have helped SPL to perform initial desktop study to eliminate a number of structures from the need of “obstacle protection” to BS EN 50122 via NR F001 (Approval In principal) process. Signal structures that require further protection based on the standard requirement will then be progressed into NR GRIP 4/5 (I.e. F002/F003) process, with AJMS leading the survey, assessment and detailed screening design for the affected signal structures.

AJMS conducted 3D scanning and conditions surveys on the structures and performed structure assessment to identify the suitability of the structure and foundation to take the additional screening panel loading. AJMS also perform the detailed screening design, fabrication and construction support for SPL through the design and delivery process. The involvement of AJMS from the GRIP 3 to GRIP 6 process successfully helped SPL to streamline the project delivery and removed unnecessary project interfaces with different parties.

01/2019 - 05/2020
Kettering to Corby

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