Due to a winding fault at Oxted Substation, the existing 11kV rectifier transformer requires renewal. As well as this, the existing rectifier needs to be replaced to release critical strategic spares. Both the rectifier and the rectifier transformer have been out of service since August 2017.

As part of the Transformer Rectifier Unit Renewal at Oxted Substation, a solution was developed for the narrow site which included the required equipment, cabling and a trackside walkway. The solution took into account existing obstructions including the substation earth, varying ground profile and existing exclusion zones.
The Transformers houses up to 3000 ltrs of oil. As part of the renewals consideration for environmental legislation and sustainability required that secondary containment be provided. To aid the construction programme, a solution to use a prefabricated metallic bund was reviewed with the client. Several reviews of filter systems for the protection against contamination were reviewed. The metallic bund can simply be placed on a flat concrete slab and can be lifted into place on same shift as the transformer. This removes the requirement for complex steel reinforced bunds, difficult concrete shuttering and steel rainwater shelters traditionally needed with concrete bunds.
AJMS delivered the works on time and on budget including additional requirements identified during the projects design process and RAM desires. Oxted was the first to make use of prefabricated bunds and filter system, offering a sustainable and cost effective solution. This solution is being championed on other sites at this time.

Oxted, Kent
06/2019 - 04/2020

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